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Autumn Welcome Letter 2019 

Autumn Cloud 2019



Mathletics is a fantastic website through which the children can compete in fun maths games with other children from across the globe,  earning certificates as they progress. The children have each been given a login to take home but should they misplace it, please don’t hesitate to ask for another.            

Great Start to the Year!

Year 5 have made a great start to the Autumn term. We’ve been really enjoying our current topic on the ancient Maya civilisation.

The children have produced some amazing writing based on traditional Maya stories. In Art, the children have worked to produce some stunning Maya masks for our display boards in school (look out for them on parent’s evening).

The children have also enjoyed the opportunity to produce some Maya maths, using the same methods and resources the Maya used themselves (stones, sticks and shells).

Take a look at some of our pictures!

This hasn’t been the only bit of Maths that has got the children active. We decided to test the theory of the Vitruvian Man too. Take a look at the children carrying out a measuring investigation.

What on Earth is going on here?

Answer: Yoga!

The children in Year 5 have been really lucky this half term to have an outside expert come in and teach them Yoga.

If an outside expert would like to come in and show me how to flip these images the right way round sometime soon, I think we’d all appreciate it!

Year 5 Trip

Thanks to all of you who took the time to come in for our quick meeting about this year’s residential trip.

Here is the kitlist for anyone whose dog got hungry and ate it.

Spring Term 2020

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