Year 2


Year 2

There are 2 year 2 classes this year.  Mrs Bishop teaches with Mrs Wilson and Mr Counter teaches with Mrs Rowe.

Autumn Term 

welcome back autumn 19

Cloud autumn term 2019

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Towards the end of November we carried on our learning of India with a Geography day and had great fun!

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At the beginning of November we learned and practised a traditional Hindu Dance with Vijay.


Cloud autumn term 2017

welcome back sep 17

Summer 2017

Swannery Trip!

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Super Schools!

Year 2 had a fantastic time today meeting Grant Fielder, completing some exercises and watching an amazing demonstration from Grant.

IMG_2301.JPG IMG_2334593816948edd8.JPG IMG_226359381657cd661.JPG IMG_23005938165c95c13.JPG IMG_2246593816172db6b.JPG IMG_22585938161872428.JPG IMG_225159381616219ed.JPG IMG_23005938154b0a9de.JPG IMG_23135938154d0ffca.JPG

2w created a movie trailer to show how much they enjoyed the day. See if you can spot Mrs Luxon’s daredevil experience!

The children had a go at writing Kenning style poems about different animals. Some were brave enough to read them to the class. Can you guess which animals they are describing?

“Night howler, meat muncher, prey pouncer, greedy guzzler”

“Tree leaper, pond lover, spotty looker, green colour, beautiful bouncer”

“Electric shooter, water gulper, green gobbler, ugly starer, long monster, smooth feeler, tooth pointer, sea crawler”

We started looking at poetry that focussed on African animals and wrote our own in the style of Grace Nicolson’s ‘Alligator’. We then read them to the class.


This half term the children have learned about Africa. The children have retold Tinga Tinga tales, created Ting Tinga art and started to plan their own Tinga Tinga tales such as ‘Why Leopard has spots’.

IMG_2166[1] IMG_2165[1] IMG_2164[1] IMG_2163[1]

Spring term 2017

2W visit the pond!

Today (14/3/17)  2W visited the pond to look at the habitat and see which creatures we might find. We had an amazing time and found a newt, tadpole and huge toad!

IMG_1522 IMG_1523 IMG_1525 IMG_1530

We would like to welcome everyone back and wish you all a very Happy New Year. So far we have been looking into the Lighthouse Keeper’s stories such as ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We have tried planning and writing our own stories, evaluating lunchboxes and had a go at acting different parts of the stories.

20170112_142043510_iOS 20170112_142113049_iOS 20170116_101122000_iOS

The video below is a collection of our freeze frame pictures from our drama.

We have also started looking at exercise and healthy living in Science. Take a look at the dramatic trailer for our science lesson on Exercise…

2w have really enjoyed the first 3 weeks of our new P.E. Scheme, Real P.E.

Autumn Term 2016

Christmas Performances

All of the staff in Year 2 would like to congratulate the children on their fantastic Christmas Performances this week. They produced some fantastic singing and acting. We would all like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

English Autumn 2

The children have done a lot of acting this half term. They have acted out alternative versions of some very well know Traditional Tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.


2W visited 3WT and 3G to show them their sock monsters. We were then lucky enough to be shown the presentations they have created in relation to Roald Dahls ‘The Twits’. 2W enjoyed seeing their work and looking forward to having a go themselves….they also look forward to another visit to Year 3!

20161018_132207087_ios 20161018_132150260_ios 20161018_132101515_ios 20161018_132000304_ios

Today we made sock monsters! We had to plan our monsters, make them (with some help!) and then evaluate our creations. In 2W we learnt how important it is to follow our plans to ensure our finish products look how we want them to. Take a look at some pictures of what we did and some creations.

20161018_134045000_ios 20161018_134019000_ios 20161018_133938000_ios 20161018_133838000_ios 20161018_110033292_ios 20161018_110022796_ios 20161018_105528706_ios 20161018_105522375_ios

We have completed a few science investigations. We investigated what happens when we put an egg in vinegar, how to make an egg float and which materials dissolve in water.

20160920_125038360_ios        20160913_124536566_ios   20160906_124900011_ios

 “Sand doesn’t dissolve because it soaks up the water. Salt does. Dissolving means it becomes part of the water”.

“When we drop an egg from a small height (20cm) it cracks. After the egg was in vinegar for a little while (24hours) and then dropped it bounces!”

“When you put an egg in water it sinks. When we put salt in the egg floats”

Tuesday 27th September

Today we investigated what would happen if we put skittles around the edge of a white plate and added a small amount of warm water……see what happens!

20160927_123357421_ios 20160927_124441682_ios 20160927_124452344_ios 20160927_124629269_ios 20160927_124636474_ios

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