School Council


School Council

The school council is elected by pupils every September. It is made up of 1 pupil per class from years 1 – 6.

Regular meetings are held and decisions made such as how to improve the school grounds, ideas for charities we should support, and  future events to be held

Article 12 Children have the right to say what they think should happen when adults are making decisions that affect them – Unicef rights Respecting School

School Council 2022-23

Meet this year’s wonderful School Council members, each elected by their class.

Year 1- Ezra and Olivia

Year 2 – Zac and Emelia

Year 3 – Aria and Lily

Year 4 – Aria, Sofia and Maddie

Year 5 – Amber and Kacey

Year 6 – Ted, Rylee and Erin

School Council Secretary – Caitlyn

Teacher lead – Miss Heightley

The Portland Foodbank

The School Council (after much research) voted to support The Portland Foodbank as this year’s charity. They went to visit the Foodbank to find out more about how the charity supports Portland’s community.

Look at the Harvest donations from St George’s Primary School, taken to The Portland Foodbank!

At Christmas, we had a Christmas Jumper Day, where proceeds went to The Portland Foodbank.

   School Council 2020-21

The photos  below are of Sofia,  a Kenyan girl, who the school sponsor holding her sponsor form and her deputy head signing to say they have received money to help Sofia.

Children in Need competition winners – we raised a staggering £400.  Well done to all!!

School Council 2019-20

The Children of the School Council managed to raise £543.40 for Children In Need.

Thank you to all the children from St. George’s Primary School and all the parents who donated. The children were able to sell Pudsey badges and wrist bands.

The children of St George’s voted to support ‘Hedgehog Friendly Portland’as their local charity.  There is a donation box in the main reception and we ask you to bring in kitten (not cat) biscuits, cat food in jelly (not gravy) and old fleeces.

For Children in Need the children had a fantastic day of sports followed by a Pudsey merchandise and biscuit sale.  Thank you for your generous  donations totalling a fantastic £543.40.

School Council 2018-19

School Council 2017-18

Sports Relief: £1464.57

Another fantastic effort from the children, their families and the extended community of St. George’s Primary School.  The children enjoyed a fantastic, fun day of sport whilst supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Children in Need: £656.26

A very big THANK YOU to the children at St. George’s who raised a fantastic amount of money! The MOST EVER!!  The School Council sold Pudsey biscuits and headbands as well as bringing in a donation.

School Council 2016-17

School Council Charter-2016-2017


We have carried on our partnership with  Kiamaogo School and our support of Christine. We have sent some letters and gifts to help with her school work and everyday activities. We find it important that we help others so they can learn and have an education like ourselves.

IMG_0153 IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0164

Charities 2016-17

Children in Need: £500.00

A very big THANK YOU to the children at St. George’s who raised a fantastic amount of money!  The School Council sold Pudsey biscuits, and ran several competitions: Guess the name of the teddy, How many smarties in a jar and a Children in Need raffle.  See a photo of the winners below.


Comic Relief : £614.88

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

For anti-bullying week this year the children had School Council assemblies  with special lessons in class.  Each class also chose a child who had used their ‘Power for Good’ to help other people. See the winners below.


Power for Good and Children in Need Winners 2016

School Council Charter 2015-2016

  • Charities 2015 and 2016:

Children in Need: £428.27 – 2015

Comic Relief: £ 394.89

Super Schools: £2556.71 raised

This report gives you an update on all of the things that the School Council have done this academic year.

  • Anti-Bullying Week 16th to 20th November 2015:

Last week was Anti-Bullying Week.

Bullying is where something unkind happens…

S    Severalposter

T    Times


P    Purpose

In the afternoon the children had discussions about bullying and what they must do if it happened to them or a friend.

They talked about telling someone that you trust.

The School Council decided that each class should make posters to highlight this issue and they wanted some to be displayed around the school.

Well done to all those children who made posters.

  • Children in Need 2015

Thank you to all the parents that contributed to the Children in Need Day. It was a real success and the school raised £428.27.  The School Council’s idea of allowing the children to dress up as a teacher was very popular and the rest of the children showed their support by coming to school in their pyjamas. There was also lots of children wearing Pudsey outfits. Here are some of our favourite photos from the day:




                       Amy dressed as Mrs. Luxon    Lily dressed as Mrs Bishop



Jack dressed as Mr Palmer

Mr Taylor and Mr Coombs decided to reverse the School Council’s decision and come dressed as pupils!

  • Kenya

Our partner school is Kiamaogo School.

We have decided to sponsor Christine McKenna for the next seven years.  This is an important decision because it means she will be able to keep going to school.  They have to pay to go to school in Kenya!


Mrs Porter and Mrs Baker took our welcome letter to Christine in February 2015.

IMG_0163 (2)IMG_0171 (2)

Teacher Mary visited St. George’s in June 2015.  Here are the gifts we sent to Christine.  We can’t wait to hear back from her.

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