Head Teacher


Head Teacher

It’s always interesting to know what a Headteacher does, and the comments below are what our younger pupils perceive her role to be!

“She is in charge of all the people at St. George’s”

“She likes to see if all the classrooms are tidy”

“She makes sure all the children are being good and doing their work”

“She comes in to watch Maths”

“She tells the office when to ring the bell at home time”

“Mrs Luxon writes letters”

“She’s very happy because we do nice writing and show her our clever work, and I showed her my very clever work”

“She’s very pretty with nice long hair”

“She’s very, very tall, beautiful and wears high heels”

“She keeps an eye on you if you get lost and she would get very sad, and she’d try to find you and she would because she’s very tall and she can see over stuff”

And finally… “Mrs Luxon is very happy because she always wears a smile on her face”

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