The Governing Board of a Foundation school is responsible for all aspects of school life, including:

  1. An oversight of the conduct and curriculum of the school with
    specific policies in sex education and religious worship.
  2. The management of the school budget and other grants received
    from central government.
  3. Monitoring the extent to which the school achieves its aims and
  4. The appointment of teaching and non teaching staff.
  5. The maintenance and development of the school buildings and
  6. The fostering of good relationships and effective communication with the parents and the wider community.

The Governing Board comprises:

  • 4 Parent Governors
  • 1 Children’s Services Appointment (CSA) Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • Headteacher
  • 3 Partnership Governors
  • 3 Co-opted Governors
  • 3 Associate Members

The Governing Board meets formally at least once a term, and minutes of these meetings are available to parents. Each governor has a particular responsibility for an aspect of school life, and regular reports of governor business in the form of newsletters are sent to parents. The Governing Body does not make detailed decisions on the day to day running of the school; this is the role of the Headteacher. A successful school will have a close working relationship between Headteacher and Governing Body. Such a relationship exists at St. George’s Primary School.

  • Chair of Governors Mrs Lisa Vranch-Wellman (C)
  • Vice-Chair of Governors Mr Andy Craft (P)
  • Headteacher Mrs Jo Luxon (H)
  • Mrs Jeanne Harris (CSA)
  • Mrs Christine Taylor (P)
  • Dr. Stuart Burley (C)
  • Mr Josh Lively (C)
  • Mrs Liz Canham (EP)
  • Mr Mark Ward (EP)
  • Mrs Catherine Bennett (EP)
  • Mr Tom Millett (EP)
  • Mrs Marisa Restorick (S)
  • Mr Michael Coombs (A)
  • Mrs Debbie Roberts (A)
  • Mrs June Rowe (A)
  • Clerk of Governors Ms Sally Ross

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