Foundation Stage


Foundation Stage

There are 2 classes in the Foundation Stage.

RBR: Mrs Bowman teaches three days a week; Monday to Wednesday, and Mrs Russell teaches two days a week; Thursday and Friday.

RG: Miss Garrard who teaches full time.

There are three teaching assistants that support all children: Mrs Ingram, Mrs Whiles and Mrs Souster.

Autumn Term 2019-2020

Welcome to Reception!

The children have all settled in brilliantly and are fully immersed in their learning.

So far we have talked about the following topics:

All About Me; learning all about ourselves and our new classmates.

Visited Harold in the Life Education Van.

Celebrated Birthdays; learning when our birthdays are, making birthday cards, counting to 5 and much, much more.

We have been busy but have had lots of fun!

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