Year 4


Year 4

This year. There are 2 classes in Year 4. 4G led by Mr Greet with Mrs Pope as his teaching assistant and 4M led by Mrs Mitchell who has Mrs Bool as her teaching assistant.

We look forward to putting your children’s work onto the website so you can follow what they have achieved.

Please find below a link to our welcome back letter and the topics we will be covering this year.

Autumn Term Welcome Letter 2019

Autumn Term Cloud Overview 2019

Autumn Term 2019

We have had a very busy couple of weeks. It has been great to have parents come into school to work alongside the children during our ‘anti-bullying/Kindness’ week. It was also lovely to see so many parents attend our St Lucia cooking event and taste the delicious food that the children had made throughout the day. Here are just a few of the photos from both events.

St Lucia Cooking:

Kindness activities:

This week we had our final tag rugby session before half term Thankfully, the weather was good enough for us to actually get onto the field. The children played many matches and displayed the skills they have learnt excellently.

We have also been learning a persuasive text using our talk for writing strategies. The children have enjoyed exaggerating their voices and acting out each of the sentences.

Throughout the week we have been busy preparing the ground and planting tulip bulbs ready for us to study in Science during the spring term.

We have also been very lucky to have Julian Lawes help to coach our Tag Rugby sessions throughout this half term.  We have loved playing the games he has taught us and our passing and catching of the rugby ball has got much better.

In science this week it has all been about rockets. We had to work out the best combination of air and water to propel the rockets into the air. It was great fun and we learnt a lot.

This week we have had the opportunity to create our own fair tests in science using cars, ramps and a range of different materials.


Everybody in Year 4 would like to wish you a very happy summer break.

We have been so impressed and pleased with the progress the children have made this year and we wish the children every success as they move into Year 5.

These websites are excellent resources if you are looking for things to do over the summer.

Mrs Mitchell, Mr Greet & Mr Carter.

ENGLISH (apostrophe practice)


Mathletics is a fantastic website through which the children can compete in fun maths games with other children from across the globe,  earning certificates as they progress. The children have each been given a login to take home but should they misplace it, please don’t hesitate to ask for another.    (8 times table game) (times table grid game)


Summer Term Overview

Summer Term Welcome Letter 2019

Environmental Week 2019

During the week beginning the 3rd of June, St George’s Primary School enjoyed an informative environmental week. During our lessons we learnt about the issue of ‘food miles’. The children learnt all about the great distances that some of our favourite foods travel in order to reach our plate. We all studied the effects on the environment that transporting all this food has and started to consider the alternatives available to us so that we could all do our own little bit to help our planet.

Here are some of the excellent electricity games and cards we have made.

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