Year 4

Week Beginning 11th May

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the VE day activities. It was great to see your posts on the PTA Facebook page and the amazing learning you achieved.

Hi everyone.  We hope you have enjoyed a great Bank Holiday weekend and  are keeping well.  Below is all the information required for this week’s learning. 

  • A timetable linked to the Oak National Academy website
  • There are two links below the timetable. The main one to find the work. The second one for parents, there is also a FAQ section.
  • Please remember we are asking you to follow the must, should, could strategy
  • This week’s topic is all about Florence Nightingale use the link to find a choice of activities you can complete.

Oak National Academy – All learning

Please see the timetable for the week ahead.  

  Mathematics English
Monday Measures: Time – Marathon Training Persuasion: Reading comprehension –  fact retrieval
Tuesday Measures: Money -The price of stamps Persuasion: Reading comprehension –  summary
Wednesday Measures: Length – Ribbon Riddle Persuasion: Identifying the features of a text
Thursday Measures: Money – Coin Purse Challenge Persuasion: (SPAG focus) – Imperative and Modal verbs
Friday Measures: Mixed Measure problems Persuasion: Write a persuasive rap.

Link to year 4 schedule (work):

Link to this week’s topic work (Florence Nightingale):

Home-Learning-Florence- Nightingale-Project-11th-May

Link to BBC year 4 schedule (work):


  • Read a book everyday for pleasure (not an entire book!)
  • Complete maths and english task


  • Complete a topic lesson from the link (twice a week) ‘Florence Nightingale’ link
  • Complete Mr. Barter’s physical development sessions


You might like to have a go at these for your PE this week.

Mr. Barter’s Physical Development session

I hope your legs weren’t too jelly like after last week’s leg basher! This week we are going to get the lungs burning.  Note: there is no rest between the exercises in the round, only at the end of the round.

Round One:     Sprinting on the spot for 20 seconds          tuck jumps x 10          burpees x 10      plank for 20 seconds

Round Two:    Sprinting on the spot for 30 seconds          tuck jumps x 15          burpees x 15      plank for 25 seconds

Round Three:    Sprinting on the spot for 40 seconds          tuck jumps x 20          burpees x 20      plank for 30 seconds

Round Four:    Sprinting on the spot for 50 seconds          tuck jumps x 25          burpees x 25      plank for 35 seconds

Round Five:    Sprinting on the spot for 60 seconds          tuck jumps x 30          burpees x 30      plank for 40 seconds

Rest: Rest for two minutes between rounds.  This a hard session.  So make sure you drink between rounds.  Good luck!

Weekly challenge:  100 down and ups!  Quite simple. Stand fully upright and then lie face down, hands by your sides.  And then repeat.  Make sure you stand up straight and then lie fully flat.  Time yourself to see how long it takes from start to finish.  Tip: do it on a soft surface, ideally not tarmac!

Keep positive and keep learning.

The below link takes you to a Government pages with a variety of links to many different resources. They are split into Secondary,  Primary etc.

If your child has any special educational needs or an EHCP click here for useful information and resources.


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