Year 3

Year 3

There are two Year 3 classes this year. Mr Taylor teaches full time in 3T with Mrs Wills as his teaching assistant.  Mrs Wright (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Burn (Thurs-Fri) teach in 3WT with Mrs Stone as their teaching assistant .

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Self learning at home 3&4


Home Learning Activities

Week beginning 30 March 2020

Hello Parents/Carers/Children,

We hope you are keeping well and staying safe! We have heard there has been lots of fantastic learning going on at home, along with lots of fun we hope!!  Keep up the good work everyone!

Please see below some activities you can do at home with your child to support their learning.  Feel free to use these activities as you and your child wish – the main thing is to keep active, stay safe and enjoy this extra time at home as much as you possibly can.  Your child may prefer to do their learning in short, sharp bursts e.g. 15 mins then do something else play-based, play outside etc.  This is absolutely fine! Take your child’s lead and let them come back to activities when they are ready.


  1.  Learn the spellings below.
  2. Write a sentence for each of the spellings below or challenge yourself to write a story including as many of the spelling words as you can:

Group 1:

  • they
  • went
  • she
  • when
  • took
  • look

Group 2 and 3:

  • discover
  • disobey
  • dismay
  • disbelieve
  • disappear
  • disable
  • mislead
  • mischief
  • misbehave
  • misread                              

3. Read a new book, take a quiz if it is listed on Accelerated Reader.

4. Choose the correct type of conjunction from the box to complete these sentences.

L.O: To recognise and use different types of conjunctions.

Coordinating Conjunctions: and, but, or, so

Subordinating Conjunctions:

although, because, so, that, even, if, whenever, before, even, though, until

Correlative Conjunctions:

whether/or either/or both/and not only/but


1. I went to bed very late ___________________ I am tired today.
2. My dad has fixed my bike ___________________ I can take it to the park.
3. We are having ___________________ pasta ___________________ curry for dinner
4. I listened to the weather forecast ___________________ put an umbrella in my bag.
5. I will always support my local team, ___________________ they always lose!
6. The weather is forecast to be ___________________ hot ___________________ humid.
7. My brother is grumpy ___________________ he has got to do his homework.
8. He goes abroad on holiday, ___________________ he doesn’t like flying.
9. My mum is ___________________ a brilliant doctor, _______________ she is a great runner too.
10. I enjoy playing hockey ___________________ it’s not my favourite sport.


Please see link below for daily maths activities, you only need to complete 1 of the activities per day, if you so wish.  If you don’t have printing facilities available at home (I know I don’t) you can work through the questions on the screen and ask your child to tell you what they think the correct answer is.  Answers are also available 🙂

Maths Activities

Daily Mental Arithmetic Drills

Another website offering free access at the moment is linked below.  The Maths Factor page has great maths resources all created by Carol Vorderman.

Additionally, please continue to use Mathletics and TT Rockstars, they are fantastic learning resources in a fun way!


Attached is a comprehension activity about Ancient Egyptian Gods.  Children should read the information about various Gods and then answer some of the questions using the information they have read.  Everything you need is on the attachment – do as many of the questions as you like. 

Or create a fact page about some of the Gods – you could even do your own research and make a PowerPoint about some of the Gods.

Ancient Egyptian Gods March

Have fun, and enjoy! Remember keep active and stay safe!!

The Year 3 Team


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