Policies & Documents


Policies & Documents

There are many school policies, written by either the Local Authority or staff of the school, and approved by the Governing Body.  These are public documents which means you have the right to read them if you wish.  The following policies are available to download in pdf format below.

Policies are reviewed regularly by the staff and Governing Body.

Accessibility Plan – 2016-19

Accessibility policy and action plan 2012-2015


Annual Review 2016


Behaviour Policy

Parent Behaviour Guidance Letter

Behaviour Policy flowchart

British Values

British Values Awards

Calculation Policies:

division calculation policy

subtraction calculation policy

addition calculation policy

multiplication calculation policy

Charging & Remissions Policy


Complaints Policy (Schools 2018)

Disability – what the law says


Health-and-Safety-policy-May 2018

Information sharing

Intimate Care Policy Summer 2018

IMPACT of sports funding 2014 for earlier Action Plans see Mr Barter

sports funding action plan 14 impacts (Update Jan ’15)

IMPACT of sports funding action plan April 2014 – July15

Primary Sport Funding Audit Plan April 2015 March 2016

Primary Sport Funding Audit Plan April 2015 March 2016 – with Impacts

Primary Sport Funding Audit Plan April 2016 March 2017 – with impacts




Pupil Premium Spending 2016-2017

Pupil Premium Impact 2016-17

Pupil Premium Spending 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2017-18


managing aggressive parents

Sports Funding Sustainability

Local Offer, 2017

st george SEND policy 2018

Sex and Relationship Education


What is Sports Premium Funding

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