Our Mission


Our Mission

St. George’s Primary School aims to serve the community by providing an education of the highest quality for all our pupils. We aim to educate and encourage our children to live happily and work together in a caring environment. We provide a range of opportunities in a rich and balanced curriculum for each individual to develop to the maximum in physical, intellectual, personal, emotional, social and moral terms.

To achieve this the School Aims

  • To provide a safe, secure, happy, stimulating environment and appropriate play and learning experiences for the academic and personal development of each child.
  • To equip children with skills, knowledge and attitudes which will help them to take their place in a rapidly changing society. To develop the many skills of communication with great emphasis in literacy and numeracy, and to encourage high standards of achievement.
  • To foster a spirit of enquiry and an individual appreciation of the environment.
  • To promote good standards of behaviour through the adoption of shared values and attitudes in school and in the wider community and to encourage children to respond to and appreciate the needs and values of other individuals and cultures.
  • To ensure the all round physical development of each child allowing for individual interest and ability in a setting which actively promotes the health and welfare of all.

St. George’s School Charter

  • To respect everyone equally.
  • To be responsible for our own actions and their consequences.
  • To respect our environment.
  • To share our opinions and respect those of others.

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