Forest School


Forest School

Below are some of the pictures taken during the last few weeks. The den looks amazing!

The Best Kind of Classroom’
by Ian MacMillan

‘This is the best kind of classroom,
It’s a journey through time and space,
From the smallest seed to the largest tree,
This is a forest and a learning place.
This is the best kind of classroom,
Where the seasons don’t happen in books.
Where the learning is watching and thinking and talking
And everyone looks.’

Primary Forest School Home Pack May Day

Primary Forest School Home Pack Earth Day

As part of our commitment to providing all children with a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum every child at St. George’s Primary School will benefit from participating in a half-termly unit of Forest Schools.  After an extremely successful trial period in early 2019 we have continued our partnership with Primary Forest School and Sports Education to provide an excellent experience for all of our children.  

Forest School is an excellent way to develop the children’s self esteem, confidence, independence and their understanding and respect for their outside environment. Forest School is an opportunity for the children to experience nature and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands on way. 

Children are given the opportunity to use a wide range of resources/tools both natural and man-made. Although Forest School leaders will plan a bespoke program of activities for the school, we aim to encourage children’s independence and confidence in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Activities which the children complete during a Forest School session, may include: collecting, sorting and classifying; mini beast hunting, tree-climbing, making bid feeders, cooking and den building.

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