We now have 17 classes.

Foundation Stage
There are 3 classes in the Foundation Stage this year. Mr Palmer teaches full time  Mrs Bowman teaches full time with Mrs Ingram in class RB and Miss Garrard teaches 4 days a week  with Mrs Souster in class RG.  Mrs Burdett teaches every Thursday.  Both classes receive additional support by Mrs D Whiles and Mrs Bedford.

Year 1
There are 2 classes in year 1, Mr Wilson and Mrs Burdett (Year 1 leader) teach full time with Mrs Heightley and Mrs Rowe.

Year 2
There are 2 year 2 classes this year.  Mrs Bishop teaches full time with support from Miss Richardson in 2B. Mr Counter teaches full time with support from Mrs Baker in 2C.

Year 3

There are two Year 3 classes this year.   Mr Taylor is now the full time teacher in 3T and Mrs Wills is the teaching assistant.  Mrs Wright (Mon-Wed) and Miss Thomas (Thurs-Fri) teach in 3WT and Mrs Stone is the teaching assistant .

Year 4
There are 3 year 4 classes this year. Mr Greet teaches full time with Mrs Edney in 3G. Mrs Mitchell teaches full time in 4B. Mr Carter teaches in 6C with support from Mrs Pope
Year 5
There are 2 year 5 classes this year. The teaching team is Mrs Bowles in 5B  and Mr Goble in 5G. They are supported by Mrs Mutter, Mrs Craft.

Year 6
There are 3 year 6 classes this year. The teaching team is Mrs Restorick in 6MR, Mrs Roberts in 6DR and Mr Barter in 6B. They are supported by Mrs Mellon, Mrs Porter, Mrs Tutt & Mrs Van Der.

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