Ammonite Award Winners

Ammonite Award Winners

See below the winners of the ammonite award each week. Each winner is presented with a book from Mrs Luxon.


Friday 28th February

Monday 27th January

Week Ending 10/1/2020

Week Ending 18/10/2019 (Double Winners!)

Week Ending 20/9/2019 (Double Winners!)

Week Ending 5th May 2017                Week Ending 12th May 2017

image(2)                         IMG_2149

Week Ending 19th May 2017            Week Ending 16th June 2017

IMG_2173                              IMG_2149

This week has seen two Ammonite award assemblies. Well done for all the hard work! Week ending 14/7/2017

IMG_2632 IMG_2649

Week ending 15th September                                Week Ending 22nd September

IMG_2830                                       IMG_2871

Week Beginning 6th November


Week Beginning 13/11/2017                            Week Beginning 20/11/2017

IMG_0525                                    IMG_0529

Week Beginning 1/1/2018                                      Week Beginning 8/1/2018

IMG_3477                                          IMG_3485

Week Beginning 15/1/2018                                 Week Beginning 29/1/2018

IMG_3515                                IMG_3560

Week Beginning 12/2/2018                            Week Beginning 19/2/2018

IMG_3656                                   IMG_3662

 Week Beginning 12/3/18                              Week Beginning 16/4/18

IMG_3753                                  IMG_3901

Week Beginning 23/4/18


Week Beginning 14/5/2018                                Week Beginning 21/5/18

IMG_3995                                    IMG_4029

Week Beginning 18/5/2018                               Week Ending 6th July

IMG_4064                                     IMG_4154

Week Beginning 3/9/2018                                   Week Beginning 10/9/2018

IMG_4386                                     IMG_4415

Week Beginning 17/9/2018                                 Week Beginning 1/10/2018

IMG_4469                                        IMG_4525

Week Beginning 29.10.2018                                     Week Beginning 26/11/2018

IMG_4604                                                     IMG_5153[1]

Week Beginning 3/12/2018                                          


Week Beginning 21.1.19                                             Week Beginning 25.2.19


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